It's a Kansas landmark more than a century old but now "The Garden of Eden" has a new owner and is getting a face lift.

Eyewitness News told you last week a Wisconsin based company bought "The Garden of Eden" in Lucas and they've spent the last two months touching up some of the sculptures.

"This treasure is a Kansas and a Lucas treasure", says Terri Yoho with the Kohler Foundation.

The mentioned treasure is the "The Garden of Eden" described by many as an outdoor art exhibit that details American history, religion, and culture all with an abstract backdrop.

An art restoration crew of specialists from  around the country have been living in Lucas for the past two months updating the landmark property.

"The people in the area really have a commitment and ownership and when we come in we want them to feel part of that", added Yoho.

The town of Lucas is a very art centered community one might think that there would be some apprehension maybe even a ripple effect with a new company coming in and taking over the exhibit.

Those that have been with "The Garden Of Eden" for over a decade say that's not the case at all and called the transition very smooth."